Markus (Oliver) Junginger
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Eclipse Plugins

RSS Eclipse Plugin: RSS View

RSS View is an RSS/Atom reader that keeps you always up-to-date. Any news will be delivered directly into your IDE. Unlike standard news readers, it is designed to integrate into Eclipse. You have everything at one place. [Screenshots]


  • Compact UI with feed preview on mouseover
  • Uses internal Eclipse or external browser
  • Many view and filter options
  • Offline feeds
  • Supports all RSS and Atom feeds
  • Customizable with Preferences options


Just add the update site "" to Eclipse's update manager. [Installation details] [Installation screencast]

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Documentation, FAQ, and change history

Look at the [documentation] page or view some [Screenshots].

This software is freely available under the [Creative Commons License, Attribution-NoDerivs 2.0].