Markus (Oliver) Junginger
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Eclipse Plugins

Eclipse Plugin: RSS View

[RSS View] is a news reader for RSS and Atom feeds designed to integrate into the Eclipse workspace.

Eclipse Plugin: ExploreFS

ExploreFSExploreFS is a tiny plugin (~6KB) that opens a selected file in the folder of the native file manager. It adds "Explore in File System" to the context menu of Eclipse's package explorer, resource navigator, and other views. Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux are supported.

Eclipse Plugin: FreeMem

[FreeMem] is a graphical memory monitor that keeps track of the memory used by Eclipse's virtual machine.


All plugins are installed with the standard update manager of Eclipse. It will guide you through the installation process and also eases keeping your plugins up-to-date. Just add the update site:

This procedure in more detail:

  • Choose the menu item "Help->Software Updates->Find and Install..."
  • Select that you want to install an update or a new feature and press "Next"
  • Click on "New Remote Site" and enter a name (e.g. "") and the URL "". Click "OK" and then "Next".
  • Now you can select the feature (plugin) you wish to install
  • Confirm the upcoming dialogs and restart Eclipse

RSS View and FreeMem come with a new view that has to be activated using the menu Window->Show view->Other.

Offline Installation

If you have to install the plugins on a computer without access to the web, please follow the link to [Install Eclipse Plugins offline].