Projects and Work

Blackscape takes the players to a distant hostile galaxy, where dogfights occur frequently. The players choose their favorite starship and join the battle. Blackscape is a multi player action game with real time three-dimensional graphics. The players connect to a game server, and play simultaneously against each other.

Blackscape was an ambitious project of eight students at the University of Applied Sciences in winter 2000. I was the project manager and chief programmer, and developed the entire action game engine including the 3D graphics core and the disributed event system. Almost the entire work was done in a single semester, which reflects the extraordinary high motivation and committment to this project. My contributions were team planning, object-oriented system design, and over 14,000 lines of code.

Blackscape was one of the first three-dimensional action games ever developed in Java/Java3D ever. [Roboforge] is the only game that was developed earlier.
A distributed, high performance event system was especially developed for the data communication. It is based on TCP and UDP.

Blackscape Web Site
[] is Blackscape's web site. Here, you can download the game, and find more material.