Projects and Work

P2P Messaging


Selected Projects and Work
Note: I did not have the time to add more recent projects (covering Java, J2EE, Netweaver, and mobile middleware) here.

[P2P Messaging System] is a high performance framework for group communication in peer-to-peer networks. Introduces the scalable multi-ring topology. Technologies: Java, JXTA, and TCP/UDP.

[Mobile Web Applications] for PDAs and cell phones. Technologies: Java, J2EE, and XML.

[Blackscape] is a three-dimensional realtime action game. Multiple players are connected by the Internet. Technologies: Java, Java3D, RMI, and TCP/UDP.

More Projects
[More Software Projects] include several Java applications.

[Design Projects] will be available here soon around 2008 ;) - please come back and check for updates.