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3D Chat



Stand-alone Software
[3D Chat] allows the chatters to move around in a three-dimensional world. Instead of using smilies, they can set the facial expression of their virtual avatar. The implementation is realized with Java and Java3D. RMI is used for the client/server communication.

"MegaEd" is a comfortable text editor optimized for software development. In January 1995, it received the award "Program of the Month" of the German Amiga computer magazine. The successor of the editor, called "MaxonEd", was part of Maxon's C/C++ IDE. With over 18,000 lines of C code, it is still one of my largest projects.

Java Applets
[Barthnet] was a long term project. Together with designer Frank Barth, I developed his web site. The entire web site was implemented as a Java applet. Thus, flexibile navigation and extra features like preloading could be realized.

[Crossword] was a freelance project for a gaming site. The player tries to solve a crossword puzzle, which is loaded from,a seperate file.

"UDP auction client" reduced the server workload of a large-scale Internet auction. LiveConnect was used to access JavaScript from the applet.

"PicturePush" and "UrlPush" allow pushing pictures and any web resources (HTML pages, movies, flash content) to the web browser. The pushing is triggered by the server application (JSP, ASP, PHP, Perl, and others).

"JMotion" was intended to provide animated JPEG (like animated GIF). However, the result was a buffering streaming player. The movie is acquired from a single HTTP stream. No server components are required.
Examples: [low] [medium] [high] bandwidth

"Studigotchi" was a long term Internet game. Each player adopted a virtual student and had to take care of him, similar to a Tamagotchi. It was implemented using a client/server architecture and a database.

Older Projects
There are various programs I developed several years ago: a sport leagues database, typewriter course, monopoly-style board game, phone cost tracker, and many more.