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P2P Messaging System

Data Rate


The P2P Messaging System provides large-scale, high performance group communication in peer-to-peer networks. A prototype was compared to the peer-to-peer platform JXTA. The benchmark results demonstrated that the P2P Messaging System provides dramatic performance improvements opposed to JXTA's propagate pipe. In addition, the results indicated an enhanced scalability and reliability.

The P2P Messaging System is currently implemended in Java, but defines a language platform independent protocol to allow further implementations. By using a network abstraction layer it is possible to use any underlying protocol such as TCP, HTTP, SOAP, or JXTA. The system heavily exploits multi-threading, and takes advantage of several performance optimizations.

The P2P Messaging System bases on the research of my Thesis in Computer Science, which is available [here].
Further, two research papers were published. The first paper was presented at the Second International Conference on P2P Computing of IEEE, and appears in the proceedings. The second will appear in IEEE Network.

A public version of the P2P Messaging System will be released in 2004. Once it is released, you will find more information and downloads here.