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Eclipse Plugins
Eclipse Plugins


Version 1.4 of [RSS View] was released. Please have a look at the [announcement] for details and new features. By the way, RSS View is open source (LGPL) since a few weeks. It is hosted on [].

[ExploreFS] is a new tiny Eclipse plugin that simply opens a selected file in the folder of the native file manager.

I updated my [Eclipse news feedreader plugin "RSS View"]. The just released version 1.3 adds a polished and completely reworked feed preview, which also handles HTML content now.

The German documentation of RSS View was added: [RSS View Dokumentation]. It covers the current 1.2.x version.

Version 1.2 of my Eclipse plugin [RSS View] is getting stable. The internal web browser is now supported and a new filter hides items you already know.

The German Java Magazin published my [article on Hibernate Tools] online and in issue 7.2006.

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